Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Class is in session - Tubular Bind Off

Classes have finally started, and boy are they keeping me busy! I'm once again loving Magical Theory and History, but Herbology just escapes me. I must have a black thumb rather than a green one!

Anyway, I did have a little spare time to find some more tutorials for you. Luckily this muggle computer my mum gave me lets me connect to the internet even from Hogwarts! Today its a bind off to match the cast on I posted previously - the Tubular Bind Off.

Much like the Tubular Cast On, I perform this cast off straight from ribbing, without the tubular stockinette stitch setup rows. I prefer it that way, but of course your experience may vary. Unfortunately, there are no YouTube videos for this one.

1. Text and picture description from My Fashionable Life. If I don't have my Monste Stanley with me, this is the guide I use.

2. Text only description, from a page full of useful information. Also include descriptions of different decreases, as well as the steps to the Kitchener stitch (more on that later, perhaps).

3. Text and picture walk through from KnitPicks.

4. Text and pictures from Crankygrrrrrl. This one includes how to join the cast off nicely into a round for socks/hats/what-have-you. Also, pretty bright colored yarn!

5. A slightly different text and picture guide. This one is all illustrations, not photos. Also, the technique is demonstrated with the piece off the needles.

6. Another text and picture walk through. I don't know if this one is as clear as the others.

7. A version from TECHknitting, that basically is Kitchener from two needles. It looks the same in the end, but this is not my preferred method.

I hope these help someone out there! I know that different people learn different ways, so even though these might seem repetitive, each other approaches the technique from their own perspective. If you don't get it from one tutorial, keep going down the list, someone else may describe it in a way that clicks for you.

Alright now, back to the books! If I'm going to have *any* knitting time before bed, I have to get finish this History of Magic homework... and make sure that the ink stains are off my fingers! I still need to master writing with quills =P

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Elanor Cadogan said...

I will help you with herbology.