Thursday, January 10, 2008

Classes haven't started yet, because students are still arriving; I guess snow must be delaying some people's return from the winter holiday break. In the meantime, the Ravie knitters have put together a knitting night, and are already sharing patterns.

Unfortunately, while everyone else is wandering around relaxing and knitting before classes start, I've been holed up in the library working on my muggle Physics homework! I apparently missed some fun yesterday in our common room - the first years flooded it! Well, maybe it wasn't the whole pack of them, the gossip wasn't clear. One or more of them was apparently trying to get a glass of water without having to give up her seat on the couch, and sploosh! Still though... good on whoever it was for experimenting and pushing limits!

Anyway... apparently force = mass times acceleration. I wonder if Madame Hooch could help me measure the mass and acceleration of some of the Quiditch players? I wonder if you can quantify magic in Newtons?

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